We ask all new patients to allow sixty to ninety minutes for their initial appointment. After you’ve completed your health and insurance paperwork the doctor will take a history of both your current condition as well as pertinent family and past health history.

Next, a thorough examination will follow, evaluating your area(s) of complaint and performing range of motion studies, orthopedic testing, tests of muscle tone and flexibility, etc. If special tests or imaging studies are necessary, we will explain our rationale as to why they are necessary. If you have previously had x-rays, MRI or CT scan, or blood work performed we ask that you bring the studies or their results with you on your first visit.

Only after a careful review of your history and examination findings will a course of treatment (chiropractic, acupuncture, herbs, exercise, etc.) be recommended, respectful of your health goals and objectives.

In most circumstances, we initiate treatment on a patient’s first appointment. You may or may not need to put a gown on for the initial examination.

You can view what the Regular Visit looks like at North Bay Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center.

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